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New Affordable Instrumentation

 We are pleased to introduce wide range of Test Instruments from renowned OEMs . The quality offered is same as leading brands. Only thing inferior is price. Now buy these instruments at affordable price.


 Appa 138 AC/DC Clamp on Power Meter

Measures 1000V AC/DC , 1000Amp AC/DC

Power, Power Factor, THD, Diode Check, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature

True RMS 4 Digit Display

Also available AC current model and 600 Amp AC/DC Model


 AC Leakage Clampmeter

Measures low AC current .

Useful for leakage current measurements.

Offers resolution of 0.001 mA


   Hand Held Insulation Tester

Selectable   250V,  500V  &  1000V  Test Voltage

Bar Type Display, Auto discharge, meets CAT IV safety

Measure AC/DC Voltage upto 600 Volts and low resistance / continuity

Measures upto 4000 MOhms



 Phase Rotation Meter

Handly , rugged and affordable phase rotation meter

Can be used for findling phase sequence of electric motors