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EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG is Germany’s leading manufacturer of laboratory power supplies, High power mains unity and electronic loads. Helmut Nolden founded the company in 1974 with the vision to develop high performance power supplies for all applications.  

Our programmable Dc Power Supplies and electronic loads are composed of an optimum mix of analogue- and digital technology (µ-controller/FPGA based). By combination of standardized electronic platforms out of a modular structure, we generate a large portfolio of electronic-load series, perfectly adapted in power, function, performance and cost to the numerous applications in industrial environment and R&D.EA programmable electronic loads are available in conventional technology (heat dissipating) and as “regenerative” loads. The latter allows, specifically under long-term testing condition (e.g. battery discharging) a full amortization of its invested value by its energy-saving capability, similar as with Photo voltaic installations.

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