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Enviromental Testers

 We are pleased to introduce wide range of reliable instruments at affordable price. They find application in industrial maintenance, Energy Audit, HVAC , Solar PV , Research and host of other applications.  Some of the models are listed below. Check up with us for more options

TM 183P Temperature/Humidity Tester

Dual display of Temperature & Humidity

Dew Point & Wet Bulb Measurement

Detachable probe sensor for easy positioning

Min/Max/AVG recording


TM 305U Temperature/Humidity Datalogger

50,000 Record Memory inbuilt . 

USB connectivity to PC for download & setting

Waterproof IP 65

Hi-Low alarm setting using PC


 TM-4001 Hot Wire Anemometer

Air Flow Volume, Temperature Measurement

Telescopic Probe, LCD Triple display

Humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb Measurement in TM-4002

99 Record Memory, Data Hold, Min/Max function

Velocity units settable in  m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph



 ST- 130 Noise Dose Meter

Performs OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys

Six inbuilt standard setups : OSHA, MSHA, DOD, ACGIH, ISO85 , ISO90

Log upto 1 million readings,  Stores upto 10,000 dose meter results

USB Interface


 TM 102 Sound Level Meter

Test Range 30 to 130 dB,  Max/Min

According to standard EN61672 Type 2

Frequency Weighting  A , C

Time Weighting  Fast, Slow

Dynamic range 50dB, Resolution 0.01 dB

Frequency Range 31.5 Hz to 8KHz


 TM 202  Lux Meter

Intensity of Illumination in Lux or Foot-candle

Sensor Silicon photo diode and filter

Min/Max/Data Hold, Zero Adjustment, DC Analog O/P

Display range 0.01 Lux to 2000,00 Lux


 TM-207  Solar Power Meter

Measures in Watts/m sq or BTU

Solar Radiation Measurement.  Resolution 0.1

Model with inbuilt sensor TM-206 also available


 TM-190 Multi Field EMF Meter

TFT Colour Display,  3 measurement in one

3 axis Electromagnetic field, AC Electric Field, RF Strength Field



 TM 82N  Dual Channel Thermometer

Dual Input, K & J Type Thermo couples

Min/Max, AVG, Hold, REL, Offset, T1-T2 function keys

Bead Type K probes included

Optional Probes available

Display Resolution  0.1 C  (0.2 F)


 TM-416 Vane Type Anemometer

Measures air flow, Temp, Humidity and Pressure

Inbuilt 99 memory for saving data

45 mm Plastic vane

Other models available

TM-801 Carbon Monoxide Meter

Measures CO levels upto 1000 ppm

Dual display of CO and Temperature

Adjustable alarm function