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We are one of the pioneers in field of Solar PV in India. We have been distributing Morningstar USA products since year 2000. We have installed more than 150 KW (more than 45 sites) of Solar PV charging station at Telecom BTS sites in year 2006-07 making us one of pioneers in this field.

We have expertise  in the field of Off-Grid as well as On-Grid design, implementation and  installation. We can offer wide range of  tools and instruments which help in installation, maintenance and verify performance of the installed system. 

Our client base includes reputed Solar PV manufacturers , system integrators, Energy providers. The installations cover wide spectrum of UN projects, Defence, Oil & Gas, Railways , Telecom (BTS Towers)  , Weather Stations, Remote Sensing & Monitoring on coastal areas besides the standard residential & rural PV installations.

Our Tristar MPPT controllers have IEC certifications which are required for JNNM mission projects.


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