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LED Light Testing

Must Have Test Instruments in your Lab for LED Light Testing


AC Power Source

AC power source creates various power conditions which are faced by the product in real life. This includes low voltages, high voltages, frequency variations and combinations of various factors. TH 71XX is ideal products which helps in creating all the extreme conditions to verify the performance of products so that it seamlessly performs in the field and meets specs in third party test labs. The display shows all the parameters like voltage, current, power factor, wattage. 


High Voltage Tester cum Ground Bond Tester 

The LED lights need to undergo various High Voltage Test to verify safety aspects. The tests include AC/DC breakdown test, HV withstanding Test, Leakage current, Insulation resistance testing and Ground Bond Testing.   The equipment has step function, timer and automatic sequence testing. Single device can take care of all the above tests. We offer wide range of products like different current outputs, multiple outputs for automation on assembly line

AC Power Meter

AC powermeter is used for verification of various power parameters like voltage, current drawn, power factor, Total Harmonic distortion when LED Light and driver is powered. This is critical for verification of power parameters of light as per specifications. This is required during design stage as well as quality assurance.

 Thermal Imagers


The LED lights dissipation of heat is very critical for trouble free operation. Thermal Imagers can help in studying the flow of heat and pin pointing the hot spots in the light. By studying the images you can easily pin point the trouble area for necessary rectification. Also it helps to study difference in temperature (Delta T) of various LEDs in a fixture under operational condition.  Very versatile device for R&D and quality assurance of final product

Electronic DC Load

Electronic DC loads are used for performance testing of LED drivers by simulating the various load conditions in dynamic manner. In combination of AC Power source various power conditions can be simulated and load simulates LED which can help in studying performance of driver units.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Storage oscilloscope is required to study the various waveforms in LED light and driver circuits. This is a very important instrument for pin pointing source of faults, waveshape etc. We also have isolated probes, current probes for scopes


Miscellaneous  Lab Instruments   

The setup for LED light requires general purpose instruments like DC Power Supplies, Bench Top DMMs, Hand Held DMMs, LCR Meters, Luxmeters, Led Light Meters for general testing. We offer wide range of above instruments   






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